Fat Cats

Persian Cats Weight. Problems and Symptoms

Adiposity suffers not less than 25 % of cats, and the quantity (amount) of them continues to grow. Take into account, that this serious pathology not only reduces life expectancy of your pupil, but also increases probability of development of diabetes, an arthritis, diseases cardiovascular and urinary excretion systems. The normal weight of a cat changes to limits from 2,7 kg up to 8 kg, depending on breed and an origin. Thus the easiest are cats South-Asiatic breeds, including Singapore, and cats of moderate breadthes, for example Scandinavian and our Siberian, as a rule, weigh much more. On a regular basis weigh the cat to define (determine), whether she (it) types (collects) excess weight.


  • An increase in weight
  • Decrease (Reduction) in impellent activity

The reasons

  • Overeating.
  • Lack of movement.
  • Infringement of a metabolism.

That you can make and a veterinary

  • Consult with a veterinary who will define (determine), whether adiposity is connected to any other diseases (the lowered function of a thyroid gland, illness of heart or a liver, a diabetes).
  • Include in a diet of a cat of more fibers and fibres, reduce quantity (amount) of consumed fats.
  • Do not feed a cat from the table. Add in its (her) diet an asparagus, carrots, unsalted air corn or an apple.
  • Change a mode of feedings so that your cat eats gradually 6 times day, instead of received the big portion lumpsum.
  • Try that your cat moved more. Play with it (her) is more often, walk her (it) on lead.
  • When the weight of a cat will come in norm, translate her (it) on the facilitated purchased forages, but continue to watch (keep up) its (her) weight. Weigh a cat all over again every month (within half-year), and then time in 4 months.

How to weigh a cat

  • Probably, you also can convince the cat to rise on floor balance; however it is not necessary to despair, if it appears impracticable. Take her (it) on hands and be weighed together with it (her). Then be weighed and make simple arithmetic calculations.
    Increase in weight and castration
  • Castration of a cat promises a number (line) of advantages. If at you in the house lives female, you will be relieved from undesirable kitten, and cats will indefinitely not fight, that is will get rid of risk to catch a serious mutilation. However the subsequent hormonal changes will be reflected in a metabolism, therefore cats after castration become more predisposed to excessive weight and adiposity. To castrated cats, as a rule, give less forage, than before operation.
    Additional methods of treatment
  • Grass treatment. The additive in I peep a teaspoon of a powder of sea kale it is recommended to cats with the broken metabolism. It is shown also bakcin which apply peroral 2-3-weekly rates at the rate of 5 mg on 1 kg of weight of a body of an animal. The good effect renders preparation "Tolstopys" (series "Fitojelita").
  • Dietary recommendations. Reduce quantity(amount) to an offered(a suggested) cat of food and try to lower power value of its(her) diet, having added in him(it) low-calorie products, for example bran or finely chopped carrots. If your cat has got used to drink whole milk, replace his (its) skim or exclude at all, pouring a cat only water.

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